Recruitment Specialists

Our company deals with hundreds of individual recruitment cases daily and offers unique opportunities to Employers and Job seekers for a prospective future and career.  This is accomplished by establishing a unique communication channel between employers and people who seek for a professional position in their sector.

HSD was incorporated in 2004 in Cyprus. It aims to establish itself as a leading and reliable provider of skilled as well as unskilled workers to corporate organisations in any industry. During this century, it aims to focus on the distribution of manpower to corporations which are located mainly in Africa and the Middle East. HSD aims to position itself as the first choice partner for employers in Central and Eastern Africa and the Middle East.

Our recruitment division has at its disposal, an extensive data base which contains resumes of candidates in a variety of fields. Our staff has been carefully trained and has the experience to efficiently handle all aspects of manpower mobilisation, screening, and documentation. They have the competence to deal effectively with all hiring situations. HSD strives to provide candidates with the most suitable position in their respective fields.

HSD Executives are there for candidates and will be happy to discuss their job specifications in detail. After applying for posts, candidates are screened and only suitable applicants are forwarded to our clients (the employers). 

HSD respects the employers’ and the candidates’ privacy and guarantees confidentiality in all its dealings. It looks forward to increasing and lengthening its list of satisfied candidates in Africa, the Middle East and other regions..

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