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 Services provided include: 

A. Recruitment Services:

o Manitenance of Data base of Applicants and Job Opportunities

o Pre-screening

o Selection / Interviews

o Medical Examination

o Support / Reports

o Documentation

B. Training:

o We organise specialised and tailor made training programmes for our corporate clients; e.g. courses on safety at job site.

C. Placement Services:

o We offer a forum for our corporate clients to advertise the job opportunities available at their organisations and their activities as a whole.

o We have a data bank where job seekers can post their CVs.

o We offer the possibility of on line application

o We offer membership possibilities to our clients


We aim to keep our clients happy so that we can stay in business

HSD will help candidates get settle wherever a job is secured for them (in Africa or in the Middle East). HSD will provide them with visa information and advise on documentation for residence etc…

Our mission is to provide our clients with manpower skilled or unskilled that is not readily available in Africa and the Middle East. We also aim to serve the career needs individuals by helping them plan exciting careers in Africa and the Middle East. With our online application system and with our network of agents in Asia and other regions, we are innovating in the methods of recruitment. Candidates can apply for a job in their own countries or from their homes.

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